Friday 19th November | Cluny 2

Petbrick is Sepultura founding drummer Iggor Cavalera’s new duo with Wayne Adams of Big Lad and Death Pedals. After sharing their debut EP earlier this year, the band has announced their first full-length album, I, out this fall via Closed Casket Activities, and has shared the lead single, “Horse” (stream below).

Rather than the groove and thrash metal of Cavalera’s bands, “Horse” is more in line with Adams’ projects, which veer toward noise rock and post-hardcore, with Cavalera carrying out a crushing rhythm that is quite literally galloping in its repetition. Behind Adams’ distorted cries and sludge guitars, bass heavy synths quake and simmer in an industrial fashion that would appeal to fans of Daughters’ last album, which is an immediate comparison for the duo’s sinister first single.

The collaboration came about organically after Cavalera witnessed Adams’ band Big Lad at a show. The two corresponded over email, trading files and musical ideas, until Cavalera visited Adams’ studio, where initial jam sessions led to the eventual formation of Petbrick.

“We wanted to do something different than the other projects we were involved in. Making horrible noise was the first concept behind Petbrick,” Cavalera said in a press release.

Adams added: “I think we realized that we were both pretty much in tune with each others taste, both into a lot of weird electronic music, as well as some decent far out guitar stuff. For me personally I definitely pushed the electronics in a much harsher direction.”

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