Friday 19th November | Cluny 2

The music of Blóm is hybridising genres; often shifting pace, to feel frantic, agitated and unpredictable, regularly compared to Lightning Bolt and Melt Banana in style, but more often credited for being authentically unique. Live performances are high energy and intense,  embracing improvisation and fluidity, leaning into the unsettling feeling of unrest and uncertainty, subsequently serving a visceral experience for the audience. 

Blóm exist within a scene that is stereotypically cishet male dominated, but are reimagining the underground alt-music landscape to be more inclusive, diverse and balanced. Through  lyrical content, cuteness and physical representation, Blóm are encouraging empowering conversation and safe environments for people to coalesce.

“Their frantic, mile-a-minute tracks are a rollercoaster affair’’ NME‘’Flower Violence is a relentless debut for what is clearly a very formidable new band’’ Echoes & Dust”Flower Violence is the album we all need right now; urgent, smart and damn right RAGING!” Birthday Cake For Breakfast‘’With nary a second put to waste, the result is a powerful, frenetic and above all enthralling debut 4.5/5’’ Narc

“Extremely frenzy, fast paced and wild” Fuzzy Sun

“Noisy, abrasive, and intensely cathartic; BLÓM are firing on all cylinders” Get In Her Ears

Together, this collective cacophony of emotions is a punch in the gut.” Loud Women

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